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create a better world

and protect the rights, culture and lands of the pygmies

We are an indigenous Pygmy organization dedicated to championing the well-being of communities and preserving the environment. Our resolute stance is apolitical, non-denominational, independent, and non-profit, epitomizing absolute respect for all, denouncing any form of exclusion or discrimination.

Our commitment has garnered widespread recognition for our efforts in the realm of environmental conservation. For years, we have been unyielding in our pursuit of climate change adaptation, safeguarding endangered species, nurturing and protecting our natural habitats, driving forward ecological agriculture, promoting environmental education, and propelling community-driven sustainable development.



It is essential to protect the rights, culture and lands of the pygmies in order to preserve their identity.


Protection of the Environment and Biodiversity in all its forms.


Concrete actions are taken to empower communities.

Promote balance between humans and nature

Our mission is to safeguard the unique identity of Pygmy communities, preserve their rich cultural heritage and ancestral lands, and foster environmental harmony through empowering local communities for a sustainable future. We are committed to promoting sustainable development by advocating for the rights of indigenous peoples, preserving biodiversity, increasing awareness of climate issues, fostering local development, protecting marginalized populations, combating poverty, and fostering international cooperation. Our holistic and inclusive approach places communities at the center of our efforts, as we work towards creating a more equitable, resilient, and sustainable future for all.

We are committed to protecting threatened wildlife, the environment and the most vulnerable people, with determination and passion, we continue our work for a better world, where each individual and each ecosystem is valued and preserved.

ICCOD-ONG works ardently to protect the Pygmy people by securing their land rights, preserving their traditional way of life and conserving biodiversity.

Saving nature in Congo is an essential priority to preserve the rich biodiversity of this region.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our projects and initiatives and join our network of actors committed to Imagining and Building the Congo of Tomorrow .

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